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Type so fast, your boss will think there's 3 of you!

BetterDictation is your personal scribe. You speak, and it will quickly and flawless transcribe into any app.

Push-to-Talk • Exclusively on MacOS
Used by 3173+ Happy Customers
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Faster, more Accurate.

We use OpenAI’s Whisper model running on the M1-Series Apple Neural Engine. This allows us to run the highest quality transcriptions without taxing your system resources

Perfect punctuation, in over 100 Languages.

"Quote", "Period", "Comma"... These are relics of the past. Betterdictation understands what you mean, not just what you say and adds the correct punctuation. Oh, and it works in over 100 languages.

Work at the Speed of Thought.

When accuracy of dictation gets this good, you’ll forget to check for errors. The technology falls away and you wont be limited by your typing speed.

Word per minute


Our users love it, using it hundreds of times a week.

3173+ Happy Customers and counting

“For longer messages, you can dictate 5 times faster than typing... it works in app... there's not a single fault, it's pixel perfect!”

Underscore_ · 645k Subscribers

BetterDictation is great! I've been using it every day and it replaced my Siri shortcut workflow that I had built. Can't wait until it comes to iOS too!

Jeremy Cai

Hi Thomas, I just wanted to say that this is a game changer for me - and I'm even using it to type this email right now. It is simply changing human-computer interaction for me. And allows me to be way more creative and get a lot more ideas down on paper. With a lot less stopping to fix things like in the past using Apple's terrible dictation.

Tal Raviv
via Email

Just installed it this morning and I'm already in that state that I can't live without it anymore. Works really great for German and without to change anything also, like this email, in English. I am really, really impressed. It's really fantastic.

Oliver Knezevic
via Email

This was the best money spent in my life. It's so scary how accurate and percise the model is wow im speechless!!! What did you guys do? It works in other languages too, Jesus Christ..

Timothy Bracken
via Email

I’m sold. Will upgrade. Thanks for making my life even better man ❤️❤️

Ch Daniel


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For individuals with a single device.


  • Single Device
  • 72-hour support response time


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For individuals to use on all your devices.


  • 3 Devices
  • 72-hour support response time

Business Unlimited

For businesses to distribute to all their employees.


  • Unlimited Devices
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What languages does it support?
Over 100+ languages are supported. Including English, Chinese, German, Spanish, Russian, Korean, French, Japanese, Portuguese, Turkish, Polish, Catalan, Dutch, Arabic, Swedish, Italian, Indonesian, Hindi, Finnish, Vietnamese, Hebrew, Ukrainian, Greek, Malay, Czech, Romanian, Danish, Hungarian, Tamil, and Norwegian.

Will this work with my Intel Mac?
No, unfortunately Intel Macs do not have the Apple Neural Engine. Therefore it would consume too many system resource to make it a good experience. Therefore it is not supported.

Does this require an internet connection?
Nope, this runs completely offline, locally on your device. No internet required.

Is this a subscription or a one time purchase?
One time purchase! Since the models are running locally, on-device, other than developing the software there is no marginal cost to us to operate. Therefore, we think a one time purchase makes sense.

What Apps does this work with?
Every app! BetterDictation works at the operating system level, once the transcription is complete our software will type out the results in your app. Check out the video above for a demonstration.

What is your Privacy Policy?
We do not collect any audio clips or dictated content associated with your usage of the application. The application will never save audio clips or a record of what was dictated. Usage is completely on-device, private, and secure.

Can I get a refund?
If after purchase you find that software doesn't work for you. You can reachout to to request a refund within 14 days of purchase.

On Windows?

We're working on it. Get notified when it's ready.